“Group Recognition is a sustainable recognition assessment tool that will compliment your workforce development goals."

GR Benefits

Group Recognition opens up opportunities for organisations to have their internal frameworks and systems validated, their employees' competence recognised, Australian qualifications issued and workforce participation and productivity improved.

The benefits for employers include:

  • Access to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) across a range of industries and qualifications
  • A one off investment in a sustainable Group Recognition Strategy that can be used over and over again to benefit multiple employees
  • The option to retain a relationship with Group Recognition Strategy experts
  • A list of industry specific qualifications
  • A comprehensive list of evidence to support candidates in their application for recognition
  • Resources customised to your organisation
  • Advice and support to all stakeholders
  • Recognition of your investment in in-house training
  • Outstanding results
  • Increased productivity and motivation of employees
  • Positive onsell from employees who have taken part in Group Recognition, they value their organisation and recognise that they are a part of a quality organisation
  • Career development opportunities for all employees
  • Increase in staff retention rates
  • Business and personal growth
  • A valid, reliable assessment process customised to your frameworks and systems
  • The option to train Group Recognition specialist assessors in your organisation

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